american architect

american architect 
bound not in stone 
where’s your name’s worth?
sold to the tax of an unholy exam 
sold to the yearly fears of excessive fees

american architect
where’s your body’s worth?
your mind crushed by the weight of code + contract 
your hopes dwindled by education built on unbuilt dreams
your soul lost to three letters to follow your unheard name 

american architect
where’s your sacred soul’s worth?
trapped by unseen designs killed in zba courts
designed by a man a century before 
who dared to breathe his name in stone
aborting your own
binding your wrists, blinding your eyes 
bequeathing reins + chains to developers tearing up this holy land 

american architect 
how many meticulous ig posts to keep your eyes breathing?
how many muji pens to keep your hands beating?
how many gallons of $5 coffees to keep your soul alive?

american architect
uninstall revit 
burn the code
take back your body 
reclaim the power of your soul
let your name reverberate in the holy stones of this land

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