american architect

american architect  bound not in stone  where’s your name’s worth? sold to the tax of an unholy exam  sold to the yearly fears of excessive fees american architect where’s your body’s worth? your mind crushed by the weight of code + contract  your hopes dwindled by education built on unbuilt dreams your soul lost toContinue reading “american architect”

a postmodernist homage: the 2017 chicago architecture biennial

On the top floor of the Chicago Cultural Center, the home base of the 2017 ChicagoArchitecture Biennial, one is greeted by a large Hollywood-style sign by the firmMonadnock. It reads, “Make Big Plans,” echoing of the Biennial’s theme of “Make NewHistories.” Yet, after spending upwards of six hours exploring the three exhibitionfloors, I am leftContinue reading “a postmodernist homage: the 2017 chicago architecture biennial”

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