• Lares: A Reflection on the Portuguese Third Generation and Placemaking

    Originally Published in Pool LA, no. 6: PLANT (2021) by Zachary Torres “Now, what took place in the beginning was this: the divine or semidivine beings were active on earth. Hence the nostalgia for origins is equivalent to a religious nostalgia. Man desires to recover the active presence of the gods; he also desires to […]

  • Flattening Time: The Ruined Temple and Oberrealta Chapel

    The plans of the Ruined Temple and Oberrealta Chapel were drawn nearly two hundred years apart, and yet both speak to the Ruskian timelessness of the ruin. The temple and chapel are representative of their respective ages, with the former alluding to Romanticism’s longing for a pastoral past free from Industrialism’s grime, whereas the chapel […]

  • 190 days of allston (excerpts)

    promised land, promise me you’ll remain full of the love i left you in full of the tears left unshed 6. the broken grid of your winding streets, the outcroppings of old quarries we miss in wintertime 14. in grey winter snow, yellow brick calls me home 15. the first tendrils of spring sneak through […]

  • american architect

    american architect  bound not in stone  where’s your name’s worth? sold to the tax of an unholy exam  sold to the yearly fears of excessive fees american architect where’s your body’s worth? your mind crushed by the weight of code + contract  your hopes dwindled by education built on unbuilt dreams your soul lost to […]